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Lessiter Family Grave Site

This is the headstone for Charles Ware Lessiter and his family: 
b. 10 Nov 1848 Jefferson, Wayne Co., OH
d. 31 Dec 1935 Jefferson, Wayne Co., OH
Emma Harriet Gardner Lessiter
b. June 1845 in Lancaster Co., PA
d. 1921 in Wayne County, OH
Ellen Harriet Lessiter
b. 14 Feb 1890
d. 1893
Frank W. Lessiter
b. 3 Jul 1873 Wayne Co., OH
d. 24 Dec 1904 Barberton, Summit Co., OH
Fred C. Lessiter
b. Jun 1877 OH
d. 9 Oct 1939 Wayne Co., OH

Not buried with the rest of the family is
William Wallace Lessiter
b. 23 Dec 1870 Jefferson, Wayne Co., OH
d. 8 Jan 1942 Barberton, Summit Co., OH

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Map of Jefferson, Ohio circa 1873

This map comes from The entire map is visible and zoomable by clicking here:
Please note that the two lots on the Southeast corner of the square (Township Road and Front St.) belong to C.W. Lessiter which would be Charles Ware Lessiter. There is another lot North and East of the square that is labeled "C.W. Lessetter" (note the different spelling). In the bottom center of the map, just south of Water St., is also quite a large lot labeled "E. Lessetter" which I believe may actually be Charles' mother Ellen Lessiter who would have been a widow in the year 1873 and would have been living in Jefferson. Because of this and the fact that no one named "Lessetter" has been found on any Wayne County census of the time, I also assume that "C.W. Lessetter" is Charles Ware Lessiter.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Lessiter Store- Jefferson, OH

This is the harness shop and general store that Charles Ware Lessiter owned and operated in Jefferson, OH around the 1880's. It was located on the southeast corner of the square.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

William and Ellen Lessiter

Headstone for William Lessiter (b. 1815 England) and Ellen/Eleanor (nee: Woodcock) Lessiter (b. 1813 England)
This grave is located in Moreland, Wayne County, Ohio behind the Moreland Church.


Charles Ware Lessiter

Charles Ware Lessiter
b. 11/10/1848
d. 12/31/1935

Charles Ware Lessiter was the son of William and Ellen Lessiter of England. In the early 1840's, William and Ellen moved from England to Doylestown, Ohio. Shortly thereafter, the couple relocated to the other side of Wayne County in Jefferson. The couple had two sons, George (born about 1846) and Charles.

From local historical records, we can estimate that William and Ellen Lessiter moved to Jefferson, Wayne County, Ohio from England around 1853. Charles was a well-known businessman in the Jefferson area starting out as a harness maker and transitioning to Postmaster of the Plain post office in 1881. In that same year, he also opened a general store in connection with his harness shop which was located on the southeast corner of the main street intersection.

Charles' father and brother were both leather tanners. George is also found listed in various articles and census records as an undertaker and a butcher.

In 1870, Charles married Emma Gardner (born in Lancaster Co., PA) and they had three sons, William Wallace (12/23/1870 - 1/8/1942), Frank W. (7/3/1873 - 12/24/1904) and Frederick C. (Jun 1877 - 10/9/1939) and one daughter, Harriet Ellen (2/14/1890 - 1893).

Charles was also a member of the Jefferson Citizen's Cornet Band from 1884 to 1896.

George Lessiter

George Lessiter
b. 10/2/1845
d. 7/5/1917

George Lessiter was born on October 2, 1845 in Jefferson, Wayne County, Ohio. He was the eldest son of William and Ellen (Woodcock) Lessiter.
George was an enterprising man who followed in his father's footsteps by operating a tannery with a bark house, tan yard and tan shop. He was also an undertaker and a butcher in Jefferson.

No record of a wife or children has been found for George and he is listed as single on his death certificate.

George died on July 5th, 1917 at the age of 71 in Barberton, Ohio and is buried in Lakewood Cemetery.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


In my research, I have tried to be as thorough as possible. I have made every attempt to verify each name via several sources (death certificates, books, census records, previously researched family trees by others, etc.). I do not claim to be a professional geneaologist and have not consulted one. Dates and spellings may be slightly different than those you might have read elsewhere. Keep in mind that many people did not know how to spell- even as recently as the early 20th century- census takers often spelled names phonetically or as they thought they should be spelled. Records often exist as a note in a bible, a scrawl on a deed or a hand-written document transcribed to computer. Human error is common. If you have a question or correction to any of the information I have included, please email me and let me know. I will research it and correct it as needed.