Sunday, February 13, 2011

Map of Jefferson, Ohio circa 1873

This map comes from The entire map is visible and zoomable by clicking here:
Please note that the two lots on the Southeast corner of the square (Township Road and Front St.) belong to C.W. Lessiter which would be Charles Ware Lessiter. There is another lot North and East of the square that is labeled "C.W. Lessetter" (note the different spelling). In the bottom center of the map, just south of Water St., is also quite a large lot labeled "E. Lessetter" which I believe may actually be Charles' mother Ellen Lessiter who would have been a widow in the year 1873 and would have been living in Jefferson. Because of this and the fact that no one named "Lessetter" has been found on any Wayne County census of the time, I also assume that "C.W. Lessetter" is Charles Ware Lessiter.